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Catalog of DLT IV tapes in NTBackup format

"Thank you for listing the directory contents of our DLT 4 tapes in Windows NT Backup format. Without your services, we would have had no idea which of our hundreds of DLTs we needed to keep, and which we could safely re-use."

Index of IBM 3570 C cartridges in VMS BACKUP saveset format

“You were the only bureau we could find that could do this for us - no one else seemed to have a 3570 drive hooked up to a VMS system to provide the necessary listings. Thanks for your speedy service"

Directory of LTO 2 tapes in Arcserve

“... although various companies could give us listings of our Arcserve tapes, you were the company that could give us exactly the meta-data we needed. We wouldn't hesitate to use you again.”

Listing of SDLT cartridges in Netbackup format

“Thanks for the quick and efficient service. You saved us weeks! And a lot of money.”

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