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SDLT / S-DLT 110/220 tape cataloging / indexing / backup listing

SDLT (S-DLT) 110/220:

The Super-DLT (SDLT) format was a further development of the highly successful DLT tape data storage format. SDLT added optical servo tracks to the back of the tape to enable higher numbers of tracks to be written to the tape.

The first generation SDLT tape drives had a native capacity of 110GB.

We catalog / index SDLT 110/220 backup tapes

Whether your SDLT 110/220 tape cartridges are in NTBACKUP, BackupExec, Arcserve, Netbackup, TAR, CPIO, VMS Backup, or some other format, we have SDLT 110/220 tape drives and servers running 24/7 with highly trained, motivated staff ready to catalog your tapes.

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